Rivenhall Masonic Gig

We had a fantastic gig last night at the Rivenhall Hotel in Rivenhall. Everyone was up for some fun!

Steve was Toastmaster for the event and he ensured the night ran smoothly. We played a few new numbers including Get Lucky by Daft Punk which being the tune of the summer went down a storm.

We all enjoyed it so much, the crowd were great, really getting into the music and singing along, we couldn’t have asked for more.

The lodge had a raffle in between our 2 sets and the money raised went to a fantastic charity, Bliss, which is a charity for babies that are born too soon, too small or they are too sick. They raised over £500 which is brilliant.

At the end of the night we had so many people come up to us to thank us for playing, this is something as a band that we truly appreciate especially as we enjoy it so much, and we are glad that we have succeeded in entertaining for the night.