Ou most common questions


We do not require a raised stage as such; this is up to you; however we do require a flat and stable surface to set up on. A performance area generally about 4 metre x 4 metre. If you think there may be an issue with the size or structure of the performance area, then please let us know.

We require 90 minutes to set up but this can vary depending on the ease of access to the performance area. Obstructions at the load-in time and vehicle movement & parking regulations can have an impact on how long we may need. Please let us know if you think we are likely to encounter any difficulties during load in. We also incorporate a small sound check into our setup schedule.

Would clients please check and advise if a Sound Limiter is fitted at the venue, also please ask at what level the Decibel setting is as this can have an adverse effect on the band’s performance, and also cause damage to our equipment.

We require domestic style three-pin 13-amp sockets.  Two sockets are preferred and where more than one socket is required, we recommend that these are supplied from different ring mains so that the power is evenly distributed.  For marquees, the contractor should be able to provide 15-amp supply, which is then split into separately, fused 13-amp sockets.  For marquees and outdoor events, a surge protection device must be fitted.  Our total power loading will not exceed 6kva and will probably be a lot less. For Marquee events, please do make sure that you supply enough power – failure to cover power for both band and caterers could lead to problems.

To play at an evening function with a typical setup time of 6.00 pm and a 1am finish, probably our day’s work will not finish until we arrive home which would be around 2.00/3.00am depending on the location.  These times may be extended where more travel is involved or where there is an early setup or late finish. This means that we will typically be away from home for 9 hours or more and this is why we need something fairly substantial to eat.  The most convenient option is to eat at the venue where we can be on hand to see how things are progressing. 

We would not necessarily expect to be served the food you are serving to your guests as we realise this can be very expensive.  We respectfully request 4/5 meals or substantial sandwiches for 4/5 people.

A secure place is required for the band to change and keep our personal belongings. The toilets are not suitable for this purpose.