Joanne trained at the Arts Educational Schools and then started her performing career working with Band on the Run, over 20 years ago! She then went on to work in various theatre productions, in UK and Europe, and is delighted to now be back working with Band on the Run.

Joanne started her singing career with Band on the Run in 1997 following her professional Musical Theatre training at the Arts Educational Schools. After 6 years working with the band she went on to broaden her experience working in various productions including UK and European tours as lead singer with West End theatre show AbbaMania. Career highlights have included performing with Tom Jones and Meatloaf and a live television performance filmed inside the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Joanne spent 3 years living in Spain where she performed as lead singer and dancer in a resident Cabaret show and where she also co-produced, choreographed and performed in a fully live Abba show which toured theatres around Spain.

Joanne now lives back in the UK with her 2 children and is delighted that her career has brought her back to Band On The Run with people that feel like family and with whom she loves to perform.