Per Mare Per Terram Lodge

After having a weekend off over Easter, and eating too many eggs! we played at The George Hotel in Chatham for the Per Mare Per Terram Lodge.

Ron the president had specifically asked us to play Roberta Flack’s, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face as their first dance, as it was a special song for him and his wife Patricia. So we rehearsed this and played it for them and we got tremendous applause from everyone, which was lovely, thank you.

The lodge raised £600 for their charity from the raffle with some great prizes given away.

Everyone was really friendly and enjoying theirselves. We got to air some new songs we had been rehearsing, Hey Ya by Outkast, Troublemaker Olly Murs, What Makes You Beautiful One Direction and Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson. We really enjoyed doing these songs, and they seemed to go down well too. Everyone seemed to be having fun on the dancefloor.

We had a really good night, and thank you for having us.